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Finding a home is much more than a roof over your head.

Foundations for the future

Homelessness can affect anyone, and it takes many forms. If your home life is unstable or you’re living in overcrowded conditions, sleeping on a friend’s couch, or roughing it in your van, the lack of stability and control can be uncomfortable, dangerous and distressing.

Whatever your circumstances, through a range of accommodation options including crisis, transitional, long-term and community housing, we can help you find the permanence, privacy, safety and positive sense of space that everyone deserves. 

Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Find a support service near you

Empowering individuals

When you have a home, the burden of day-to-day survival eases and you can finally start planning ahead. From here, services such as counselling, legal aid, domestic violence support and lifestyle programs can help you develop skills to meet future challenges. We can help you:


Bernadette's story

Bernadette’s story could happen to anyone. When a painful back condition forced her out of work, the bills piled up. She chose to move into her car rather than defaulting on the repayments. After sleeping rough for months, she finally got in touch with us, and within a week she was in a transition unit and had access to proper health care. 

A huge benefit for Bernadette has been rediscovering community. Sharing in community meals twice a week allows her to connect with likeminded people and share stories. “The home-cooked meal with friends is the highlight of my week,” she says. “The Salvation Army showed love to me when I felt so unloved by society. They gave me hope and a future.”


Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)