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Disaster Relief

In times of emergency, we’re not waiting to be asked for help, we’re already there – open arms and on the ground helping people get their lives back together.

Fresh hope in the wake of disaster

There is no greater healing power than that of a community working together to achieve a common goal. And like the first shoots of green growth after a bushfire, rebuilding after an emergency brings fresh hope to people and communities. 

When disaster strikes, at home and abroad, we’re poised to respond with special appeals and a range of services to assist with rebuilding. From material necessities such as meals and refreshments, clothing, emergency shelters and financial aid, to more permanent support services such as counselling, accommodation solutions and infrastructure projects, we can match our response to the needs of those on the ground.


Relief where and when it’s needed

Helping out in times of crisis is what Australians do best. And when the terrifying reality of Victoria’s 2009 Black Saturday bush fires hit home, our appeal received an enormous $23 million in donations. This meant we were on-site immediately, providing more than 50,000 meals, offering counselling, coordinating aid and offering financial support to those who’d lost everything.