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Family Support

Family can be the greatest support network in your life. We are dedicated to helping families support each other through tough times.

Together we're better

A happy family life plays a huge part in overall well-being. But it’s not always easy to maintain. Our range of services are not just about responding when you’re unable to cope, but strengthening bonds for years to come. 

Each of the 30,000 families we help every year is different. Whether you’re struggling with a major life crisis or just not getting along, we can help you keep things together.  

Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Find a support service near you

Getting to the heart of the issue

When you’re having family troubles, often the view from outside is much brighter. Talk to us in private and we can help get to the heart of the issues you’re facing. We have services for:

Emergency relief

Family and grief counselling 

Accommodation and care services for children and adolescents

Women’s refuges and domestic violence outreach

Financial support


Jodie's story

Family support means different things for different people, but for single mum Jodie it was about finding a safe and accessible play area and support group for young mums in her area. When you feel isolated, something as simple as getting out of the house can be a life-changer.

“This place gives me the confidence to come out with him,” she says of Geelong’s Northside Community Centre. “I like the idea of the community meal the Salvos put on for us and being able to sit down and talk with other mums.”

Talking helps ease the burden. Before it becomes too much, reach out and we can provide the support you need.


Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)