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We can all feel stress, grief, trauma and low self-esteem at times, and in those moments, it helps to talk to someone. If things start to seem too much, our counselling services are here for you. 

Getting to the heart of it

Talking can make life’s problems feel so much more manageable. Our qualified professionals offer confidential advice to help you cope with, and feel prepared for, whatever life throws at you. We can help you work through issues such as:

  • Lifestyle and addiction
  • Mental health
  • Relationships
  • Employment and finances
  • Crisis support
  • Suicide prevention


Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Find a support service near you

Whatever you need

Recreation programs for marginalised youth, mental health programs to encourage community involvement, sexual health services, free advice for people in need – from generalist counselling to specific community programs, we have a range of services to suit your needs. For gamblers there’s Gambler’s Help and community education programs. Our financial counsellors can assist if you’re experiencing financial difficulty or debt-related stress. And our Positive Lifestyle Program can help enhance self-awareness and personal life skills.

Whether you’re facing a major crisis, or just need a bit of extra support, we’re here to listen and provide practical help. 

Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Gillian’s story

Shortly after Gillian and her three children left an abusive home, she lost her job and for the first time in her life had to rely on support services to get by. “It had a huge impact on me. The hardest thing was having to ask for help,” she says. “It was huge for me to realise that there was so much help out there for me. I was blown away, especially here.”

Our counsellors have helped Gillian navigate a “system” she’d never experienced. Now she’s rediscovering the strong, independent woman she knows she can be. “With the Salvos, just knowing that they’re there for me is the biggest thing,” she says. “Just the knowing I’ve got that support makes such a difference.”